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Quick International Loans For Worldwide
Business loan

Business Loans

Business loans are specifically intended for business purposes. Either to Start a business or to expand an existing business.

Personal loans

Personal Loans

Personal loans are meant to meet borrowers personal needs. Personal loans can be used for example, vacation, Wedding, funeral etc.

Home loans

Home Loans

Home loans also known as Mortgage are designed for the purchase of a house property / real estate. Home loans can also be used for renovations.

About Us

Quick International Loans For Worldwide

We are online private financial service providers. We provide financial services by offering borrowers fast, cheap and easy loans online. We render our financial services internationally all over America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Our loans are from private individual investors and not from the banks. This makes getting loans from us less complicated and stress free.
With our vast network coverage internationally, we assure all borrowers quick loans irrespective of their country or location…

Quick international loans worldwide


Very fast and easy application process. They were always available to put me through the loan process till i finally got the loan.
Stephen Adams
Good and friendly customer service. They treated me with maximum respect and i love that so much.
Harriet Johnson​
The loan process was very smooth and successful. I received the loan the next business day. So awesome.
Nicolas Anderson
Quick international loans worldwide


Frequently Asked Questions

International loan is an amount of money borrowed outside of your local country.
For example, you may be citizen of Brazil and residing in Brazil but intend to get a loan from the United States.

International loan may be necessary when banks or private financial institutions of a local country has strict conditions and strict limitations of providing her citizens loans.

International loan may also be necessary when banks / private financial institutions of a local country are not willing to provide her citizens high amount of loan.

Or international loan may be necessary due to ridiculous high interest rate of local country’s banks

You are eligible for an international loan from us if you meet the following

  1. An employee or a business owner
  2. Above 18 years of age
  3. Valid means of identification

No. We do not request a loan transfer fee.

As our aim is to make getting international loans as easy as possible, we do not request for a collateral

We provide international loans ranging from $5,000.00. up to $500,000.00.

We provide international loans at the lowest interest rate of only 3% through out the life of the loan

You can get international loan from LENDZ®
We make getting international loans online as easy as possible. With our vast network coverage internationally, we assure all eligible borrowers quick loans irrespective of their country or location

Do you need fast, easy and cheap international loans online?.