Loans Offered

Business loan

Business Loans

Business loans are specifically intended for business purposes. Either to Start a business or to expand an existing business.

car loan

Car Loans

Car loans are designed for the purchase of either a new or use vehicle. Car loans can also be used for vehicle repairs and maintenance

Home loans

Home Loans

Home loans also known as Mortgage are designed for the purchase of a house property / real estate. Home loans can also be used for renovations.

Personal loans

Personal Loans

Personal loans are meant to meet borrowers personal needs. Personal loans can be used for example, vacation, Wedding, funeral etc.

Student Loans

Student Loans

Student loans are basically for educational purposes. Student loans can be used for tuition, accommodation, living cost, etc.

How it Works

Apply online

Full online loan application.
No physical location visitation and no paper works. 

Instant approval

Get approved in few minutes after the loan application.

Get paid

Get the loan funds paid directly to your local bank account.

Different loans offered

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